Registration policy

Nederlands Toernooi voor Dansende Studenten 2024

The registration policy will inform you on anything you need to know to be allowed to sign up as a participant for the Dutch Tournament for Dancing Students, hereafter referred to as NTDS. Please read this page carefully, in order to make sure you know which rules apply.


1. By registering for the NTDS, every participant declared to the NTDS committee that they agree with the registration regulations, the competition regulations, and the privacy statement.

2. The ETDS committee reserves the right to diverge from the rules stated in the document to rule in individual cases if conflict should arise.

3. If a participant does not follow the conditions stated in this document, the NTDS committee reserves the right to deny this participant access to the event.


4. The teamcaptain will have two weeks to register the sign-ups from their team in the NTDS registration system, in order for them to qualify for the first lottery round. Registration will open on:

December 1st, 2023

If the number of registrations exceeds the number of places, participants are selected by lottery. The registration deadlines are as follows:

Registration deadline lottery 1: December 15

Registration deadline lottery 2: January 5

Registration deadline lottery 3: January 26

5. Registration does not guarantee participation to the tournament, due to the lottery system.

6. The team captain is responsible for the registration of his/her team members via the by the NTDS organization administered registration system.

7. Team captains register themselves as team captain in the registration system and will be exempted from the lottery. The number of team captains exempted from the lottery are:
- 1 for 3 or more participants (not including the team captain)
- 2 for 20 or more participants (not including the team captains)

8. Within one week after the registration deadline, the teamcaptain will receive the definitive participation list and corresponding reserve list.


9. After the lottery, when a participant drops out, that place will be taken by someone from the waiting list through a lottery. Priority will be given to straightening the lead/follow-ratio in the regarding blinddate groups in Beginners, Breitensport, and Open class.

10. The team captain will receive an update on which dancers have been admitted by lottery and which have not, after executing the reserve list procedure.

11. When a participant on the reserve list is no longer available during the NTDS, it is highly valued to communicate this to the committee, either through the teamcaptain, or directly. This way, the participant can be taken out of the lottery.


12. From the moment a participant is selected, payment to the NTDS committee is due in 14 days, through the concerning association or team captain. If not paid in time, the registration will come to expire. This means for all participants selected through the lottery, payment is due on:

Payment deadline 1st lottery: December 29

Payment deadline 2nd lottery: January 21

Payment deadline 3rd lottery: February 11

13. A participant has the right to a 90% restitution of the paid participation fee, if they deregister by January 26, 2024. When deregistering after this deadline, restitution will no longer be possible. The restitution payment will take place after the tournament, through the concerning association.

14. When a participant on the reserve list is selected, the participation fee is due in 14 days, through the concerning association or team captain. If not paid in time, the registration will come to expire.

15. If the NTDS takes place before the payment deadline as specified in article 14 is met, the participation fee needs to be paid before the start of the NTDS.

16. In the case that a student can’t show proof of registration with a higher educational institute when arriving at the NTDS, the remaining fee for a non-student participation fee will have to be paid in cash on the spot. A student card or other proof of registration with a higher educational institute will suffice as proof.


During the NTDS October 2024 every team is required to fill obligatory helping hours (OHHs). More information about these helping shifts can be found on our website during the NTDS.

17. The tasks for the OHHs may include but are not limited to:
- Welcome desk
- Badge checking
- Night guard
- Party construction
- Luggage guard
- Information desk
- Construction and deconstruction
- Meal assistance
- Bar shift
The NTDS committee may add other tasks as they see fit.

18. The total number of OHHs will be divided over the present teams, with regard for the size of the teams.

19. The team captain carries the responsibility to divide the assigned tasks among the team members.

20. When an individual participant is not able to fulfill their task during the NTDS, without a reason that is validated by the NTDS committee, the NTDS committee will decide on an appropriate measure in consultation with the team captain. The NTDS committee reserves the right to potentially deny the individual participant entrance to the tournament and/or the location.

21. When a team is unable to carry out the assigned OHHs with no valid reason, the team may be disqualified.


22. Damages caused by the negligence of the participants, or their inability to follow rules, will be recovered from said participant. This includes, but is not limited to, damages caused by:
- Smoking
- Wearing high heels without heel protectors
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